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Lunarian Star - a Lunar collection site


Hello! I'm Peachy, and this is my page dedicated to my collection of goods from the Lunar series of video games. Lunar has been very important to me since my childhood, and I have always had a passion for collecting. I wanted to make this page as a means to help me track the growth of my collection as well as a place to show my dedication to the series. I'm still a baby collector compared to some other passionate Lunar fans, but I am proud of what I have so far!

Collecting Status: Only inexpensive goods for now.

Latest Updates

A casual update

November 11, 2020

It's been a long time since I last updated. Over three years, in fact! It doesn't feel like that long ago. Regardless, I wanted to give an obligatory "I'm alive!" post for anyone visiting here. I'm still collecting Lunar things, slowly but surely. But life has called for other things to take priority. But I'm hoping to do a legitimate update post soon.

Archived Updates

Newest Items

  • Game Informer #28 1995 August